Anger Management and Conflict Management…Ihsan SHanti United States, Houston, Texas,(TX)

1- Anger is a feeling and an emotion. If left uncontrolled it can be detrimental. Anger is an emotional response, a normal reaction, and away to newer learning. It is a physiological reaction that can turn pathological. Anger is not a problem-solving tool, not an outlet for revenge, not a projection, not a tool for violence, not a way for control, and is not healthy if exaggerated or if it persists.

2- If anger is not addressed it may lead to war, terrorism, rape, suicide, homicide, violence, divorce, domestic abuse, road rage, riots, looting, arson, workplace problems, conflicts, and passive-aggressive behavior

3- Do not blow-up: once you calm down you will regret your behavior.

4- Apologize for mistakes, rectify them and avoid them. Change is difficult and is not immediate. Do not become too competitive, have faith in destiny; it will relax you. Your faith is pre-destined.

5- Recognize and admit a mistake. Consider it as an improvement tool. Keep evaluating it over and over again; time changes and so do you.

6- Every one of us becomes angry, that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, the right degree, at the right time, for the right reason, in the right way, is not easy. Anger is a weed but hatred is the tree.

7- Active listening is an effective tool to disarm an angry person. Make an angry person talk and talk. Involve him/her by asking questions, clarifications, and support all along.

8- If you are talking to an angry person, do not say “I and I”; that implies you are admitting responsibility. If you talk with “you”, it means you are shifting responsibility to the other person; he/she will not like that. Try to be political.

9- Go to bed when no longer angry. Try to resolve the issue. It is just not worthwhile sleeping unhappy. It is difficult to change humans but not their opinions’.


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